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3 Spots for Bouldering in Utah


Utah’s bouldering is some of the best in the West.

For those of us who are a little less adventurous, it may come as a surprise that “boulder” is now a verb. But our more outdoorsy friends and colleagues say it is, so we’ve rounded up some of the best spots in Utah to get your boulder on.

  1. Big and Little Cottonwood canyons

Just east of Salt Lake City, these canyons offer some of the best climbing and bouldering in the country, with quartzite climbs in the big canyon and granite climbs in its little sister. There are more than 20 established locales for bouldering in Little Cottonwood Canyon, including five bouldering sites of varying difficulty south of Snowbird Resort. Big Cottonwood Canyon has four major bouldering areas.

  1. Ibex Bouldering Complex

West of Delta onUtah Highway. 50/6, is the Ibex Bouldering Complex, accessed on a dirt road (look for the sign: Ibex Well and Crystal Peak). The Ibex area contains three main bouldering clusters: The Skull Pass Boulders; Ibex proper with 12 specific areas; and the three focal points of Crystal Peak.

  1. Big Rocks

Also known as the Flesh Pit, this destination is one of Utah’s rare year-round bouldering areas. Just south of the town of Bicknell, it is part of the larger Capitol Reef National Park and has six climbing clusters of its own.

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