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Rooted in the Western tradition of functional, durable denim, a Colorado designer is handcrafting jeans the old-fashioned way By Ellen Ranta Olson | Photography by Stephen Smith Ryan Martin is the first to admit that he has a terrible business model. As the sole owner, operator, designer and producer behind Berthoud, Colorado-based W.H…(Read More)

Swap your department store cosmetics out for one of these locally made products   1. The Little Herbal Apothecary Started by a certified clinical herbalist and mom of three, this Lafayette, Colorado-based brand handcrafts each product with ethically sourced, organic ingredients. Product to try: Rose and Carrot Face Cream 2. La Curie La Curie…(Read More)

Interior designer and owner of Anteks, Anteks Curated and J. Alexander Home Accessories, Jason Lenox explains how to go wild with style What are three must-have items for any Southwestern home? Vintage Navajo rugs, antique wooden furniture and good pueblo pottery. These three elements go a long way toward establishing a solid design foundation…(Read More)

Inspired by iconic fauna, these five pieces will add a bit of animal spirit to your home décor By Ellen Ranta Olson Paper Chase Barneby Gates’ wallpaper designs have a distinctly British feel, but many of the prints translate well into a Western home, like this stag skull and thistle pattern. Deer Damask in…(Read More)

Complete your signature style with a piece of Southwestern jewelry that bears the unmistakable hand touch of the designer By Melissa Liebling-Goldberg Etched In You could say that engraving is the opposite of typing on a smartphone: time-intensive, and painstaking. We’ll take this as an antidote to tech fatigue. William Henry made…(Read More)

A nomadic, spirited style blooms in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert, where sculptural shapes, Southwestern colors and native cultures converge Photography by Christine Johnson | Styling by Margaret Merritt Model: Gwen at The Agency, Arizona. Hair and makeup: Diane Aiello…(Read More)

A young Texas family finds the perfect plot on which to build a modern home in Austin. Sam Mittelsteadt discovers how they put down roots — while leaving others undisturbed Photography by Ryann Ford “I did not want a modern house — in fact, I hated them.” Becky Shaheen had always envisioned living in a traditional,…(Read More)

In west Texas, adobe advocate Simone Swan pursues her vision to spark a modern and sustainable architectural revolution with ancient Egyptian building techniques By Laurie Davies | Photos by Yazemeenah Rossi Simone Swan believes good architecture can start with the most basic of materials. An earthen-architecture expert who is passionate about using traditional building techniques…(Read More)

Sponsored content Slate Gray Gallery Slate Gray Gallery is a contemporary art gallery showcasing a collection of fine art, home embellishments and artisan jewelry. Since opening its doors in the summer of 2015, Slate Gray has catered to homeowners and interior designers seeking original and curated art. The gallery continually strives to provide a platform…(Read More)