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Sedona Chef Lisa Dahl returned to the prestigious James Beard House in January for her second cooking appearance at the famed culinary institution in New York City, an honor reserved for the world’s top chefs. Here, she shares one of the recipes she prepared for the dinner — lentil walnut croquettes Recognized for pioneering the…(Read More)

These four restaurants are turning Arizona’s favorite mountain town into a true dining destination Brix Restaurant and Wine Bar This cozy restaurant and wine bar serves a menu of seasonal, farm-focused American cuisine built around ingredients from the farmers and ranchers in the Four Corners region. Dish to try: Cavatelli with calabrase sausage…(Read More)

These expertly crafted cocktails showcase sotol’s diverse and nuanced flavors Juana Talk About It?| Courtesy of Copper Common, Salt Lake City This elegant take on a sotol sipper is rounded out with orange liqueur and aged rum. 1 oz. sotol 1/2 oz. Zaya Gran Reserva 12 rum 1/2 oz. Ferrand dry cura…(Read More)

Learn why this earthy Southwestern spirit is gaining the attention of bartenders and tequila lovers alike By Kara Newman Love peppery tequila? Or the smoky richness of mezcal? Well, there’s a new spirit in town that should be the next bottle on your must-sip list: earthy sotol. What exactly is sotol? The distilled…(Read More)

As family and friends gather to enjoy the holidays, entertaining takes center stage. Susan L. Ebert, author of The Field to Table Cookbook, shares seven of her regionally inspired recipes, perfect for your next dinner party American Beauty Berry Jelly Makes 6 (½-pint) jars Ingredients: 4 cups beautyberries, washed and stemmed 1 lemon, juiced 4…(Read More)

Ingredients: Yields 3 to 4 (1/2-pint) jars For the syrup: 24 red, ripe prickly pear tunas (about 3 1/2 pounds) 4 cups organic cane sugar 1 tablespoon citric acid (available at most supermarkets) For the ice cream: 2 cups milk 2 cups heavy cream 1/2 vanilla bean 3 eggs 1 cup…(Read More)

St. Michaels Crabcake-Inspired Stuffed Flounder Serves 4 Ingredients: For the flounder: 1 medium whole flounder (about 2 pounds) 2 teaspoons unsalted butter, melted Sea salt White pepper For the stuffing: 14 ounces blue crab backfin meat 4 ounces blue crab claw meat 1 egg, beaten 2 teaspoons organic cane sugar (buzzed in a food…(Read More)

Chicken-Fried Quail with Cilantro Dipping Sauce Serves 4 to 6 Ingredients: 8 semi-boneless quail For the marinade: 2 cups buttermilk 2 tablespoons minced 1015 or Vidalia onion 1 tablespoon Tabasco sauce 1 teaspoon minced fresh thyme 1 teaspoon minced fresh oregano 1 teaspoon minced fresh garlic 1 teaspoon ground cayenne 1 teaspoon smoked…(Read More)

Holly Jolly Tamales Yields 4 to 5 dozen Ingredients: For the filling: 3 to 4 pounds feral hog shoulder Sea salt Freshly ground black pepper 3 to 4 tablespoons safflower oil 2 yellow onions, coarsely chopped 6 cloves garlic, peeled and quartered 4 cups vegetable stock or water For the tamales: 6 dozen corn husks…(Read More)

Beet and Blood Orange Salad Serves 4 to 6 Ingredients: Grated zest and juice of 1 blood orange ¼ cup white champagne vinegar, or raspberry vinegar ½ cup extra-virgin olive oil Sea salt 4 roasted beets (recipe follows), sliced Rocky Top and Swiss chard trimmings (or radicchio, arugula, other spicy lettuces, or spring mix) 2…(Read More)