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Thunderbird Margaritas Makes 4 drinks Ingredients: 1 tablespoon agave nectar 1 tablespoon coarse black sea salt ¾ cup 100-percent organic agave tequila, such as Dulce Vida ⅓ cup Prickly Pear Syrup ¼ cup fresh Key lime juice, strained 2 tablespoons Paula’s Texas Orange (or other orange liqueur) Instructions:  Pour the agave nectar into a saucer,…(Read More)

Celebrate the Seasonal


Susan L. Ebert shares seasonal field-to-table recipes and classic holiday traditions while focusing on two things: the food and the guests Despite mild temperatures — it’s Texas, after all — impending winter announces itself in a multitudinous tumble. Hurricane season succumbs to the north wind, on which skeins of migrating ducks and geese surf…(Read More)

Distilleries in New Mexico are capturing the flavor of the Southwest by making desert-aged, mesquite-smoked whiskeys worthy of Billy the Kid By Kara Newman At KGB Spirits in Alcalde, New Mexico, barrels full of whiskey are deliberately left outside overnight, the better to interact with extreme temperature swings — intense heat during the day…(Read More)

Jen Murphy joins Dunton Hot Springs chef Karlos Baca and finds that foraging for your food is as hard as it sounds — but far more delicious than you’d ever imagine Photography by Erin Kunkel The first time I met Karlos Baca, I was convinced he had a sixth sense. Dawn had just broken, and…(Read More)

Your guide to this year’s James Beard-nominated Southwest restaurants Southwest cuisine has its own fire and flavor — and its fair share of shining stars. If your cuisine routine is in a rut, here’s a cheat sheet for where to eat (and what to drink) right now, courtesy of those who have made…(Read More)

From sweet prickly pear margarites to fresh salsa and spicy sausage, Austin master chef Jesse Griffiths and his crew forage a feast Photography by Jody Horton “Cow.” Mando, our adroit and soft-spoken guide, calmly points directly in front of the roofless Suburban. A beige head with tall, twitching ears pokes up above the waist…(Read More)

Home On the Free Range


Two Spaniards are bringing the world’s best ham to the States, via a free range pig farm in small-town Texas By Ellen Ranta Olson Two years ago, Sergio Marsal made pigs fly. On a mission to bring traditional Spanish ham to the United States, Marsal loaded 150 Iberian pigs onto a commercial flight…(Read More)

Chef Karlos Baca is introducing wild ingredients and native cuisine to guests at Colorado’s Dunton Hot Springs. Here, he shares three of his recipes for foraged foods Stinging Nettle Soup Ingredients: 8 cups stinging nettles 1 cup vegetable broth 1 Tbsp. lemon juice Sea salt Foraged Garnish Ingredients: Strawberry flowers Clover Wild rose petals…(Read More)

Deep in the grasslands of south Texas, an unforgiving landscape provides a home for the exotic nilgai antelope. Master chef Jesse Griffiths of Austin’s Dai Due restaurant sets out on a hunt to create an epic Tex-Mex feast. Here, he shares four of his favorite recipes from the hunt Antelope Ceviche Taking a…(Read More)