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Hidden Gem: McCauley Warm Springs and Jemez Falls


Image courtesy New Mexico True.
Soak it up. Image courtesy New Mexico True.

What’s one of the easiest ways to convince your less-than-active friend to join you on a hike? Promise a reward. Snacks and booze always make for a solid bribe, but sometimes you need a little more. Like natural hot springs and a stunning waterfall.

Nestled in the Santa Fe National Forest, McCauley Warm Springs and the accompanying Jemez Falls are well worth the 4 mile moderate hike it takes to get there. It’s about a 2-mile climb to the hot springs from the Battleship Rock trailhead, then another 2 to the waterfall. The springs are crystal clear with always-warm water, so you may be tempted to stop there and call it good, but trust us — the extra trek to the top of the falls is one you’ll want to make. Plus, you can always stop for another soak on the way back down.

If you go: Start this hike from the Battleship Rock campsite. To get there, take I-25 to 550 West, towards San Ysidro. Take a right on 4 and drive until you see the sign for Battleship Rock.

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