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Game On: Hunting Rifles and Shotguns


Our top picks for hunting rifles and shotguns are tailored to your game, with a nod toward craftsmanship and sophistication
Photo courtesy of J.E. Cauthen & Sons.
The Holland & Holland Centenary bolt-action .375 rifle is built to take on big game. Photo courtesy of J.E. Cauthen & Sons.
Holland & Holland Centenary bolt-action .375 rifle

Only 25 of these rifles were built to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of Holland & Holland’s .375 cartridge. Texas-based collector J.E. Cauthen & Sons offers it with a customized oak case and Swarovski quick-release scope, designed for close-up stalking.
Best for: This rifle is built to take on the biggest trophy game. Carry this into the backcountry to hunt bull elk.

Dakota Arms Model 76 rifle

The Model 76 was first produced in 1986 by master gunsmiths Don Allen and Pete Grisel. Their creation is a work of art. This American-made rifle is inspired by the best of Europe’s bolt-action manufacturing. It’s reliable in every climate.
Best for: This rifle can take down any pronghorn or deer in the American West. Upgrade to the larger caliber chamber on the Safari or African models if you’re going after bigger, more dangerous animals.

Remington 1100 American Classic shotgun

The exclusive Remington American Classic line honors its most popular auto-loading shotgun of all time. The walnut stock features a diamond grip cap, and the gun’s receiver is machine cut and engraved with gold fill. Available in 12 or 20 gauge.
Best for: The 1100 model has been field tested since 1963. It’s perfect for hunting duck, goose or turkey, and will power past the competition on the trap field.

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