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Postcards from the Southwest


Driving through Monument Valley. All photos courtesy of Our Freeways.

When we stumbled upon Liz and Corey’s Instagram photographs of their epic journey across the country, we couldn’t wait to hear the stories behind the snaps—and share some of our favorites from the region that’s so near and dear to our hearts. Scroll through to see the photos that have us ready to pack up and go. All photos courtesy of Our Freeways.


White Sands, New Mexico

“We drove up and saw it off in the distance and were just in awe to see this huge expanse of white sand. Spending the night under the stars out there was pretty spectacular.”


Delicate Arch, Utah

“We quickly learned that you don’t want to get between a photographer and their sunset shot.”


Taos Earthship, New Mexico

“The engineering behind these Earthships is amazing—they use no electricity. It was 12 degrees outside, and when we walked in, it was totally warm.”


Grand Canyon, Arizona

“We hiked all the way down and camped. Spending a night in the bottom of the Grand Canyon was a major highlight of the trip. Breathtaking.”


Slot Canyons, Utah

“A park ranger laughingly told us about a bad smell in the canyons—apparently a cow got stuck in one of these canyons and didn’t make it. It definitely is not for the claustrophobic.”


Zion, Utah

“We got snowed on in Zion, which was unexpected and beautiful.”

To see more from Liz and Corey’s cross-country adventure, visit their Tumblr.

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