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Q+A: How to Add Southwestern Style to Your Home


Interior designer and owner of Anteks, Anteks Curated and J. Alexander Home Accessories, Jason Lenox explains how to go wild with style
How to Add Southwestern Style to Your Home
Jason Lenox, owner of Anteks Home Furnishings
What are three must-have items for any Southwestern home?

Vintage Navajo rugs, antique wooden furniture and good pueblo pottery. These three elements go a long way toward establishing a solid design foundation in any Southwestern home.

When it comes to decorating with things like animal prints and furs, how do you avoid it looking kitschy?

Try to use the real thing whenever possible. Whether it’s a hide or taxidermy, the real thing is always more impressive.

What’s the allure of adding a little animal-inspired décor to a Southwestern home?

Using a real hide to upholster a chair or ottoman lends a sense of authenticity to a space — more than anything else, a space should feel authentic and genuine.

Too much rustic décor can sometimes feel like you’re living in a ski lodge. How do you avoid that?

Striking the right balance and blending Southwestern or rustic elements can be tricky. Focus on key elements and fewer, “better” things; this will help to keep your home from getting filled with too many secondary, less important pieces.

It seems like everyone has a cow skull on their walls these days. Is there a more modern spin?

I’ve never been a huge fan of cow skulls. We’d much rather use a caribou mount. They’re gentle in appearance, always have great color and look good in almost any setting.

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