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How to Add Rustic Charm to Your Home


An expert in the art of combining rustic and modern, Cole Montgomery of Adobe Interiors in Fort Worth, Texas, offers advice on how to bring a little rustic-chic into your own home
rustic chic
Photo by Annie Spratt.
If your home is a bit more modern, what’s the best way to incorporate some rustic elements?

If your main pieces are more modern, focus on the accessories. Accent your rooms with accessories crafted from organic materials, like wood or metal.

What is your favorite design piece right now?

I love the interior sliding barn doors that we’re seeing a lot of these days. They’re definitely making a name for themselves.

What’s the first thing you look for when shopping for rustic furniture?

A lot of rustic pieces are made from reclaimed wood, so it’s important to make sure it is made of a solid, quality wood. I like rose and mesquite — they are dense woods that create pieces that’ll last.

What’s the best advice you like to give to someone decorating their home?

Find pieces that you love. You’re more inclined to love the space when you love what’s in it. If you decorate with pieces that are trendy, the trend will fade and you’ll be left with a room that you don’t really love.

What’s your favorite Southwestern source for rustic pieces?

The artisans that we work with who build our pieces with reclaimed materials by hand. You can’t beat handmade.

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