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Southwestern Style: 4 Ways to Bring the Outdoors In


Interior designer Heather Scott of Heather Scott Home & Design in Austin explains how to imbue your space with nature’s best
Photo by Ryann Ford.
Photo by Ryann Ford
1. What’s one must-have item to help bring a bit of the outdoors in?

Greenery, whether it is real or faux, can bring a space to life. Lush tree branches provide a sense of well-being and can quickly transform your space with very little effort.

2. I want to work natural, rustic elements into my modern home — what’s the best way to do that?

Pay attention to finishes. Furniture pieces with reclaimed wood finishes or natural stone are essential to achieving this look. It seems effortless when compared to glossier veneered finishes and it can be just as sophisticated.

3. How do you keep things from feeling overly styled or cliché?

Give your home a more collected look by mixing styles, textures and finishes. If you incorporate too much of the same style or trend it can make a room look too matchy or themed. Also, try to select pieces that are timeless rather than trendy. Minimal accessorizing gives a refined and collected look.

4. How can color be worked into an organic, nature-inspired décor?

Calming blues and greens always provide a soothing color palette against a neutral, nature-inspired décor scheme. These colors are already found in nature and are soft enough to pair with any other neutral, organic elements that you have in your space.

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