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For Susan L. Ebert, discovering herself to be a hunter was both unforeseen and inevitable. The chef and outdoorswoman shares how hunting benefits her and her family. I sit motionless in the predawn as the first licks of sunlight caress the red granite bluffs towering over the far bank of the Brazos River. I’m…(Read More)

Haulin’ Ass


Burro racing may be the antithesis to Colorado’s sprawling suburbs and glitzy ski resorts. It requires grit, patience and a sense of adventure — just like life in the high mountains where it was born and the miners who inspired it. By Jen Dziuvenis It’s a warm late summer day and my running partner…(Read More)

For Tesuque Pueblo member Louie Hena, water is the source of life, and the Rio Grande Gorge is where he worships. “This is my church,” he says, as we float a placid stretch of the Rio Grande, the artery coursing the gorge’s steep cliffs. To the north, lies the altar — where “Earth Mom,” as…(Read More)

A wildly ambitious hub for commercial space travel has risen in the desert of southern New Mexico. Despite much progress and impressive competition, Will Grant finds the final frontier still waits Keeping secrets is easier in lonely places. The Jornada del Muerto in southern New Mexico is such a place. Stretching from Socorro to Las…(Read More)

Underground, a whole other world awaits. Journey below the surface and explore the Southwest’s great caves By Jordan Martindell  Carlsbad Caverns National Park Hidden beneath New Mexico’s Chihuahuan Desert sprawls an ancient expanse of more than 100 caves Carlsbad Caverns National Park covers 70 square miles of the Chihuahuan Desert in southern New…(Read More)

King of the Mountain


Dave Hahn has summited Mount Everest 15 times, more than any other Westerner. Stephanie Pearson joins the modest mountaineering legend on his day job: patrolling the slopes of Taos, New Mexico “I can come back from the Himalayas or Antarctica and think I’m a big deal — but I can still get my ass kicked…(Read More)

Sporty mountain villages. Bucolic farming communities with deep roots. Spa towns and college towns. These 12 special spots offer unique Southwestern appeal, whether you’re looking for scenic outdoor adventures, Old West character or festival-season getaways 1. Kerrville, Texas Texas Hill Country delights with spectacular landscapes, annual festivals and arts events galore The loping…(Read More)

Aaron Gulley explores how Ted Turner ranches in New Mexico balance conservation, ranching and tourism by restoring fragile land and bringing back native species In the pre-dawn of a sharp December morning, the house at Ted Turner’s Ladder Ranch is still buttoned up and dark for the night, but the surrounding land is…(Read More)

It’s practically a rite of passage: the family national park road trip. Kelly Vaughn and her children make a five-day, 1,400-mile odyssey through the Four Corners region that inspires a new appreciation for life By the time the elk go to find water, the campground is nearly full, early evening light…(Read More)