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Scores of skilled artisans in the self-proclaimed ‘Leather Capital of the World’ still craft saddles the old-fashioned way — one at a time. Susan L. Ebert browses the artisan workshops of Yoakum, Texas Photography by Buff Strickland As I breeze down through rolling, verdant pasturelands south of Austin, the sunrise has just breached the…(Read More)

King of the Mountain


Dave Hahn has summited Mount Everest 15 times, more than any other Westerner. Stephanie Pearson joins the modest mountaineering legend on his day job: patrolling the slopes of Taos, New Mexico “I can come back from the Himalayas or Antarctica and think I’m a big deal — but I can still get my ass kicked…(Read More)

Sporty mountain villages. Bucolic farming communities with deep roots. Spa towns and college towns. These 12 special spots offer unique Southwestern appeal, whether you’re looking for scenic outdoor adventures, Old West character or festival-season getaways 1. Kerrville, Texas Texas Hill Country delights with spectacular landscapes, annual festivals and arts events galore The loping…(Read More)

This year, skip the books, socks and gift cards, and give them what they really want — an experience. Here are seven that they’re sure to love An ecotourism adventure on one of Ted Turner’s New Mexico ranches >Read more A well-rounded Western adventure in Utah’s Wasatch mountains >Read more…(Read More)

Since residents began experimenting with ice farming in the 1990s, Ouray has become a mecca for climbers. Here’s where to go to try your hand at ice climbing in Ouray Winter can be approached with a glass-half-empty or glass-half-full attitude. You can either hibernate indoors and binge-watch Netflix, or…(Read More)

Aaron Gulley explores how Ted Turner ranches in New Mexico balance conservation, ranching and tourism by restoring fragile land and bringing back native species In the pre-dawn of a sharp December morning, the house at Ted Turner’s Ladder Ranch is still buttoned up and dark for the night, but the surrounding land is…(Read More)

From the spot where a mighty Apache warrior surrendered to the bayou that birthed the Texas Revolution, these Southwestern hikes turn back time By Laurie Davies It really is a different world out here. While the rest of country frets over freezing temperatures, the Southwest’s lower-elevation denizens venture outdoors, buoyed by survival of…(Read More)