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Role of the Ice


What’s a small Colorado town to do when summer fun draws to a halt as the temperatures drop? At Ouray Ice Park, you make ice. Jen Murphy finds that if you build it, the climbers will come Winter can be approached with a glass-half-empty or glass-half-full attitude. You can either…(Read More)

Warm, rugged outerwear and well-designed snow gear gives any chilly winter expedition a sure footing By Dina Mishev Take a Hike If you agree Chaco does summer sandals better than anyone, check out its weatherproof hiking boots. The women’s Fields boot looks great, with a leather upper and brass hardware, and handles snowy…(Read More)

It’s practically a rite of passage: the family national park road trip. Kelly Vaughn and her children make a five-day, 1,400-mile odyssey through the Four Corners region that inspires a new appreciation for life By the time the elk go to find water, the campground is nearly full, early evening light…(Read More)

Ski resort avalanche dogs and their handlers have become a critical part of search and rescue. Meet Taos’ newest team By Jayme Moye / Photography by Malia Reeves In a remote corner of New Mexico’s Taos Ski Valley resort, a dog watches her owner. With the exception of this man and his colleague, who are…(Read More)

What’s In a Name?


Quirky Southwestern town names hearken to crops, crooks, card games and gimmicks – and that’s just for starters By Laurie Davies What’s a name? History. A big, oddball helping of history. Our often gritty – and sometimes witty – Southwestern story is told by the town names that punctuate our landscape. From Gun Barrel City…(Read More)

The unofficial capital of Far West Texas, Alpine offers an oasis of academia, arts, and cowboy culture splashed across a picturesque valley By Laurie Davies In the town of Alpine, time grinds slower than West Texas’ interstate towns where travelers getting from point A to point B just want a good night’s rest at…(Read More)