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The ancient ruins of Mesa Verde are a staggering architectural wonder. Erinn Morgan discovers life inside the cliffside metropolis required ingenuity and a little magic My feet balance at the very edge of the ceiling. I lean over and peer down into the kiva. The 900-year-old Hopi Indian ceremonial room — a spiritual gathering…(Read More)

From the most remote county in the U.S. to a secret slot canyon located just a few miles from where the tour buses go, these off-the-beaten-path places are worth finding. Just have a full tank of gas when you go 1. Chaco Culture National Historical Park, New Mexico The Chaco Culture…(Read More)

The boom-town-turned-artist-colony of Jerome, Arizona, is worth the mile-high drive By Laurie Davies It’s fitting that Jerome clings to Cleopatra Hill in northern Arizona for dear life. When boom town turned bust, this once-roaring mining camp held on hard simply to survive. No one is mining copper here…(Read More)

Ellen Ranta Olson finds you can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares — when you go to downtown Tucson It was 115 degrees in Phoenix as we packed up the car for the drive to Tucson. My husband and I were getting out of town with some friends to celebrate my 30-something birthday…(Read More)

Arizona-based Stout Tent ramps camping up a notch with canvas bell tent beauties By Laurie Davies When Jim Stout ordered a bell tent purely to entertain his kids in the backyard, he set it up – and sized it up. Quality details were lacking. Pressure points were not enforced. He’d mutter about how this…(Read More)

Peter O’Dowd saddles up at a luxury ranch where riding, shooting and fishing meet friendly competition Out here, in Utah’s eastern Summit County, my old boots hook into the stirrups just like they’re supposed to. I’m on the back of a stubborn golden mare called Oakley. Jeff rides Pobre. And David…(Read More)