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Deep in the Utah desert, home is where you park your mountain bike at the end of a long day on the trails. Erinn Morgan goes in search of a secluded retreat Photography by Jeremy Swanson The setting is unforgettable. Flanked by powerful buttes and towering mountains, the deep, rich-red rock spires jut towards…(Read More)

We’re not ones to spend a day off cooped up in a big box store, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love a good deal. Here are a few ways to save some money on Black Friday and beyond. Get away from it all — plan a post-holiday escape to L’Auberge…(Read More)

Duck and Cover


Floating in a small, concealed den on the Great Salt Lake, hunter David Draper experiences one of the world’s largest waterfowl migrations Photography by Tess Rousey Our airboats roar in tandem across the wide, glaring expanse. All around us, the world is table flat with no clear line separating water and sky. A few…(Read More)

Few places boast Olympic-sized adventures. However, Utah’s winter offerings give you the opportunity to experience adventure from the viewpoint of an elite athlete. Some of the best downhill skiing in the Southwest can be found on the state’s diverse resort terrain. While the Olympic crowds are long gone, these manicured slopes provide…(Read More)

What does it take to produce two world-class rodeo stars? Brothers Olin and Jake Hannum credit their dad and deep Utah roots By Ellen Ranta Olson What’s the coolest thing about a rodeo? Olin: If you’ve never been to a high school rodeo in Utah, you’re missing out. People talk about…(Read More)

When chocolatiers talk, we listen. And when the chocolatiers from Coleman & Davis Artisan Chocolate offer up a simple recipe for iced hot chocolate, we get cooking. But first, we’ll share it with you. You’re welcome. Iced Hot Chocolate Ingredients: 4 ounces high quality 70%+ chocolate (recommended: Sambirano Madagascar by Coleman & Davis…(Read More)

The experts at Coleman & Davis Artisan Chocolate in Provo, Utah share their recipe for a killer campfire treat. STEP 1: Make the Marshmallows Ingredients 7 gelatin sheets (soak in 7 cups cold water) 2 cups granulated organic sugar 1/2 cup organic powdered sugar (dusting pan and cut marshmallows) 1/2 cup cold water…(Read More)

Exploring Utah’s Grand Circle in less than two weeks By Kay Kirchner Sometimes, more is more. When it comes to stunning natural beauty, we’ll take as much as we can, please. Which is why Utah’s Mighty Five is at the top of our list of favorite destinations. Home to five of the…(Read More)

Heaven Can Wait


In remote southern Utah, Jen Murphy finds Hell’s Backbone Grill & Farm is creating culinary experiences more than worth the drive Photography by Ace Kvale You won’t find an ATM or even a stoplight in Boulder, Utah, but you will find a pioneering farm-to-table restaurant that serves some of the most…(Read More)

Toe the Line


What started as a way for rock climbers to sharpen their skills has evolved into a thrilling communal experience. Kate Siber ventures to the crag and discovers the world of slacklining. Photography by Cameron Gardner Hidden in the canyonlands beyond Moab, Utah, at the edge of a chasm named Fruit Bowl, a length of flat…(Read More)